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Explore Sprig California style in home décor & accessories, along with a curated selection of plants, candles, books, style, jewelry, wellness goods and so much more!

As you step into Sprig, you step into a shop filled with colors and textures of the California landscape. Greeted by a Pothos plant, a Monstera beauty, a fiddle leaf fig stunner -- or the plant of the season. Pair your new plant friend with a striking pillow or home décor, and your space will be transformed. Fun kitchen serveware; the latest in cheeseboards-- a selection that will make you want to entertain again. Don't miss our kids section too, adorned with baby clothes, plushies, games and retro toys.

Need that perfect card? Our paper goods section is filled with greeting cards and journals to suit all ages and humor!

Now take your time in our candle and bath/lotion section so you can fill your home with luscious fragrance and while treating yourself with luxurious self-care products.

Lastly, that sparkle that caught your eye, is part of our curated hand-crafted jewelry department filled pretty pieces ready to brighten your day.

What is Sprig? A notion that a "little" sprig of thoughtfulness goes a long way -- for yourself and for everyone!

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California lifestyle shop destination:
home décor, kitchen goods, live plants & curated gift collection